Growing up in Pitesti, Romania (land of the vampires and home of the gymnasts), my youth was a constant longing for outside cultural experiences. The magazine kiosk around the corner was my lifeline — filled with pages upon pages of the looks, music and events that people all over the world were experiencing.

My backup oxygen tank was a small Barbie notepad, which was quickly inundated with stories, thoughts and various poems requested by my elementary school Romanian language teachers. From a very young age, writing hooked me — first as a creative means of organizing my thoughts, and, as I grew older, as a tool of empowerment and information dissemination.

Out of all aspects of journalism, I enjoy writing features the most. Nothing compares to the rush of heading out for an interview and the possibility of discovering the nooks and crannies of another human’s life and work. Some of my favorite topics to report on are lifestyle, fashion, body positivity, culture/travel and dating/sex education.

I am a graduate of New Mexico State University’s journalism and mass communications program, where I emphasized in print reporting and public relations and minored in marketing and advertising. My work experience bridges traditional journalism, public relations and community engagement within industries such as fitness and wellness, education, real estate and transportation — but my heart belongs in the lifestyle sphere, writing and social media-ing away.

For a deeper dive into my professional experience, check out my resume or LinkedIn page.